The Center of Traditional Healing offers Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Trigger Point Acupuncture (Dry Needling) in our Phoenix, Arizona clinic.

Acupuncture Services

Traditional Acupuncture

A river flows with the rushing energy of water. As the river bends and rocks collect, water slows and its power weakens. The water searches for a way through the obstacle to regain its normal current. The internal body resembles the river’s process, and where stagnation of energy occurs in the body is why negative symptoms occur in life. Dodge life’s unexpected challenges and regain the power you are looking for with acupuncture.

There is a wide range of symptoms that Traditional Acupuncture can treat.

Trigger Point Acupuncture

Trigger Point Acupuncture is one of the safest and fastest methods of treatment for muscle tension, pain and injuries. A needle is manipulated at the trigger point to cause an involuntary twitch in the muscle resulting in immediate release of lactic acid and tension. In many cases with pain and injury, patients have been referred surgery by medical doctors. Also in many cases, Trigger Point Acupuncture has provided patients with much to complete relief of those symptoms. Side effects are similar to a day or two of post-workout soreness. Allow Trigger Point Acupuncture to hit the spot and bring the body back to a healthy state of well-being.

Licensed acupuncturist Jimmy Liu specializes in Trigger Point Acupuncture. After receiving an award for outstanding achievement in the school clinic, he traveled to China to learn Trigger Point Acupuncture with a renowned Chinese doctor before it became popular in the United States.

Herbal Medicine

The Center of Traditional Healing offers Chinese herbal medicine from our Phoenix, AZ clinic.

Steps toward ultimate health and balance can be taken with the consumption of Chinese herbs. People have generally come to use Chinese herbal medicine when sickness is present, but it is also a way to prevent disease. This form of medicine is gentle on the body, gradually strengthening and maintaining imbalances of the body at levels only the body can understand.

Licensed acupuncturist Jimmy Liu has a Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Medicine and a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with two decades of bodywork experience. Jimmy prescribes conveniently packaged herbal medicine to his patients who are simultaneously receiving acupuncture treatments to acquire the maximum level of healing.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescriptions

  • Herbs are customized to individual’s symptoms and condition
  • Sold prepared in liquid form (no cooking involved)
  • Packaged into pre-measured doses
  • Conveniently ready to be consumed
Herbal Medicine

Cupping and Gua Sha

The Center of Traditional Healing offers Cupping and Gua Sha in our Phoenix, AZ clinic.  These modalities can be separate or integral methods of treatment to traditional acupuncture and work in specific ways to enhance healing in the body.

Cupping uses multiple glass or plastic cups to suction the skin and pull blood into the localized area. The muscle tissues under the skin are filled with new blood while old blood is sucked out on top of the skin. New blood vessels are formed in the tissue bringing oxygen into the affected area. Vacuuming the skin also separates the muscle tissue into layers that result in loosening and healing the body. Using multiple cups in a specific area extends the effects of cupping. This process can heal a number of symptoms as it pertains to different energy channels in the body.

Gua Sha translated into English is to scrape sand. Sand represents stagnant energy and toxins that need to be removed from the body to clear the blockage that is causing discomfort. A smooth round edged instrument and oil is used to apply numerous strokes to the affected area to bring heat and “sand,” which appears as blood, to the surface. The blood is scraped away resulting in healthy blood circulation, decreased inflammation and decreased pain.

Side effects of Cupping and Gua Sha is seen in bruising to the body. Although the bruising is not painful, it may feel vulnerable and look unsightly. Bruises may take 3 – 14 days to dissipate depending on the treatment. Gua Sha is not appropriate for people who take blood-thinning medication or have a bleeding disorder. Always work around areas with moles, varicose veins or open wounds.